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rooftopdetours replied to your post: “Seele created the H.I.P to merge the member of Seele’s minds together so that the 12 members of Seele would be happy for ever and ever. But Gendo had others plans, he merged the entire human race together, for them all live in happiness, because they are completed by each other.”:
I think Seele originally wanted what anon said, but when they lost control of the Impact to Lilith/Adam and Unit-01, I think they remained content in simply getting Instrumentality, albeit not exactly as planned.

But how would they contain the impact to only themselves or what other way would there be for only them to merge?

rooftopdetours asked:

Seele wanted Instrumentality, for they saw it as a way to elevate themselves into a single perfect being; Gendo proposed a way to do this using Eva. The difference seems to be that Gendo wanted to use it to merge with Unit-01, reunite with his wife and create a paradise of sorts for all of humanity; Seele, on the other hand, wanted to use Eva as an ark for themselves only and live in harmony, while the rest of humanity is destroyed/tanged and left behind. What do you think?

I think the means of getting SEELE into one would unevitably lead to every human being merging into one and i think that was SEELEs ultimate plan, to evolve mankind. 

Gendo wouldn’t mind as long as he would be reunited with Yui, but to make sure, he had to use his own plan.

The outcomes would have been the same, for all i can tell. It’s a bit ambiguous, though this is likely to be intentional, to put the message of humans misscommunicating in yet another layer of the show.


Anonymous asked:

Plus, I think the author of Evangelion made this, exactly to people to interact to each other. Not shut up, open their minds and tell their thoughts to one anther. Without doing this would be completely impossible to understand it all. Many ideas can come up, another questions more thoughts, and I think that this is exactly what he wanted. idk

NGEs message is for people to communicate, even though they might missunderstand.


Anonymous asked:

Seele created the H.I.P to merge the member of Seele's minds together so that the 12 members of Seele would be happy for ever and ever. But Gendo had others plans, he merged the entire human race together, for them all live in happiness, because they are completed by each other.

The Human Instrumentality Project was SEELEs plan to merge every human into one, by letting Shinji and EVA 01 merge with the EVA Production Units, Lilith and Adam. Gendos plan was to reunite with Yui, by triggering Third Impact himself and wishing upon reuniting with Yui. While both objectives wouldn’t necessarily conflict each other, they wouldn’t necessarily be the same.


Anonymous asked:

When there are these scenes, where Rei, Asuka, Misato ask Shinji 'do you want to become one with me?' they are not refering to sex, but yes to become one mind. That's only a theory; dont take it seriously, and dont say its nonsense either ;)

Well, becoming one in mind could include the feeling or fantasy of having sex, but yes. It’s not so much a theory though, it’s pretty obvious in the context of the story.

I just think one needs to realise, that this is not just a story, but moreso, a conversation with the viewer, where interpretations of the viewer are answered by carefully crafted scenes, that have a double-meaning, both as a story element and as a reply to what the viewer might have been thinking.


Anonymous asked:

Human Instrumentality Project had the propourse for both, reunite with Yui, and stop sadness. Every human being has a hole, each one complete it with whatever they want, Asuka with work she can make herself, Rei complete it with Gendo, Shinji with friends, Misato with fun party, beer, celebrations; etc. Gendo knew it. Gendo knew every human being has a hole. To fix it, his plan was to reunite every single mind, and make it only one, this way wouldnt exist sadness, emptyness anymore.

The Human Instrumentality Project was the goal of SEELE. Reuniting with Yui was Gendos goal. While they may not conflict each other, they’re not the same.

Everything you just said about Gendo, was actually SEELEs idea, or at least they pursued this idea. Gendo didn’t tell SEELE about reuniting with Yui. Whether they knew nonetheless is another story.

And “having holes” is a bit of a simple way to put it, but okay. I’ll let that be.





Shinji only listens to Tracks 25 & 26 during the whole show.

Could this be a hint to something about the last two episodes of NGE, episodes 25 & 26?

Its a hint at the time looping, he has them on repeat..

No, it’s not. There is no time looping in NGE. Or do you think Anno planned the Rebuilds while making NGE? Besides, Kaworus oh-so-prophetic one-liners regarding the “timeloop theory” only proof, that the Rebuilds refer to NGE, but they do on a meta level, not storywise.

So what about when it goes to track 27 and 28 in the Rebuild? I was thinking maybe that all of this was some sort of parallel universe perhaps? As in the entire Rebuild is one of the many outcomes of EoE and/or the mangas when he has the choice to do whatever he wants? Since he was sort of a god…Hmmm…

Honestly, you should start thinking outside the box. Rebuild doesn’t work outside the context of NGE. But it’s not because it’s a continuation inside the story, it’s a continuation of the conversation between Anno, the director, and you, the viewer. 

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