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"In the end, I didn’t need drawings to represent my vision of things. In truth, I would’ve been just as happy to explain myself by spoken word. I would’ve done it, but alas, it was rejected. Without cels, we made do by using the sketches of the storyboard in their place. It wasn’t a matter of having time to make them or not. In any event, we ended up doing without animation on cel. Cels are symbolic representations. After having drawn Asuka with a marker, as soon as Yuko Miyamura gave it her voice, it was more Asuka than ever. I even came to detest myself for having wasted time on cels at all. 
But that doesn’t mean never going through computer-aided drawing. I just wanted to show that, as far as animated drawings as a means of expression went, using sketches could work. I meant a message to those misguided fools who have expressions like: ‘since it is not on celluloid, it is unfinished’ or ‘because it’s not on celluloid, it is slapdash’. To destroy at all costs the kind of ideas that I myself had held. Once you hold the prejudice that you can’t use anything but cels to represent characters, you’ve finally become a fetishist… the first time we showed this was through what the ‘lines’ in episode 16 narrated.
A cartoon is composed of simple signs and therefore from the outset, it is a fake world, right? Nothing but an optical illusion. Nobody would imagine that it’s a documentary. Trying to integrate a documentary aspect into the film, that’s my personal feeling of being ‘Live’. I think the deconstruction of these signs is rare in cartoons that are shown on TV. When we aired our line drawings, some people in the industry called our work shoddy, even though it was impossible to consider it such. Disregarding the intent of making that linework into a ‘representation’ of something implies that it doesn’t communicate any idea at all, any concept at all. Under these conditions, the last episode wouldn’t be any better than a jumble of slogans… Me, I think that, by looking at it methodically, one can find other things in it, too.”



It’s so iffy trying to defend or criticize Shinji or Asuka at their deepest when they snap, because you cannot always insist that right or wrong is the correct way to see certain aspects and sometimes you can, but you need to do so in precise moments. Shinji crumbling in EOE is much…

Yes you have a good point there.

Or…? Maybe the people who actually criticize these characters do so because they see unwanted aspects of themselves within said character and may explain a holier-than-thou attitude toward the actions. There’s so much you can get from that.






Okay so I watched the first 12 episodes of NGE and all I have to say is holy fucking christ this show is amazing! Why have I not watched this before?!?

Yea, why?

Because the plot, character development, and art all pike my…

Lol I wanna know who this white haired guy is now dangit!!

You’ll find out.

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