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People actually dislike Shinji for reacting realistically to the bullshit that’s put in front of him. image

Really though? Who WOULD get in a (possibly unstable) robot to fight these huge creatures with a high chance of dying. Not to mention it’s his unloving dad making him do it. On top of that it’s the end of the world so if he DOESN’T, everyone dies.




Shinji is way way way sassier than I expected him to be. I thought he just kept his mouth shut and did was he was told, but he talks back. 

Wow, NGE characters are actually not two dimensional…

Hey don’t fucking sass at me this is my first time watching this series. Go sass at the fandom for treating him as 2d.

Well, you listened to the wrong people.

Vox watches NGE: episode 24


Chapter 24: The Final Messenger

-This young Asuka reminds me of someone… who? Oh. Chibi-Usa. Lovely.
-I was not expecting the hanged woman.
-Is Asuka taking a mud-bath?
-Also, where is she? Why is it such a wreck?
-Asuka, pull yourself together, woman.
-Maybe it seems like I’m being hard on Asuka. She is feeling really low, and I’m not being sympathetic. But you know what? I know that Asuka has backbone enough to get it together. In fact, it’s inevitable. I don’t have any patience for her self-pitying nonsense, because I know she can be better than that.
-The Fifth Child omg please let it be Kaworu
-“This whole thing is just too convenient”? What is?
-I mean, I’ve been saying it from the beginning; I’m pretty sure Kaworu is one of those people grown in a tube. But still.
-Oh no. What if he dies, and is replaced by an identical clone of himself, the way Rei was? Oh geez.
-Eyebrows and Gendo were actually… um… ew.
-Gendo sure has a way with women and children. (Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha. Ha. Ha.)
-Both Toji and Aida are gone? Now you tell me.
-I’ve decided the tragedy of Eva is to be alone. And, apparently, to not have the strength to stand it.
-Enter Kaworu Nagisa, humming Ode to Joy. I think I’m in love.
-If Rei came from the First Impact and Kaworu came from the Second Impact… who’s going to be born in the Third Impact?
-And if Rei is kinda like Shinji’s mother, who is Kaworu like? If it’s Gendo, I’m going to strangle someone.
-Well, well, well. Kaworu’s even better at piloting his EVA than Shinji is.
-I did like Shinji being the best, because the poor guy needs something to brag about. And more importantly, if Kaworu’s better than Shinji, he’s probably going to be put into more danger, which increases the chances of him dying. They’re not going to kill Shinji, no matter what happens, because he’s the protagonist. But Kaworu? Like Rei, he’s disposable. This is bad.
-“Who the hell is this boy?” Misato asks? Answer: Shinji’s love interest. Come on. The yaois are happening, and they’re happening now.
-Omfg what
-Though he turned up today, Kaworu somehow already knows about Shinji’s issues with trust and affection. And they’re talking about this in a shower. I wasn’t entirely serious when I said I was going to ship them. But uh. This ship sails itself.
-Although I do have to wonder – why did Kaworu take an interest to Shinji? Was it because he had heard a lot about him? I would’ve thought that he’d pick Rei, since they’re similar to each other.
-I bet Kaworu has some deep soul trauma, just like everyone else does. Either that, or he’s secretly evil. Oh, I hope he’s as wonderful as he appears to be.
-*dons cynicism hat and pessimism pants* Of course he’s not.
-“You are delicate like glass”? What kind of a pick-up line is that?
-Kaworu, you can’t just say that. You can’t just fucking say “I love you” to a boy you met less than 24 hours ago. O M F G what am I even watching omg
-I tried to find a picture from the manga of Nezumi telling Shion off for saying “I’m drawn to you” but as usual I decided it was taking too long and my time would be better spent by watching the rest of this episode.
-Don’t stop, ship it ship it
-Chapter 24: The beginning and the end.
-No. This is bad news, and I know it.
-I knew SEELE was going to turn on Gendo. Though at the time I made the prediction, I thought SEELE was the government.
-The Lance of Longinus was hindering Gendo’s plans? Oh, shit.
-I hope Pen Pen doesn’t go the way of Eyebrows’s cat.
-“I was probably born to meet you.”
-Every time Kaworu shows up I just I just can’t
-I’m going to fucking lose my shit.
-Eyebrows says Kaworu is probably the 13th angel.
-Well, no wonder he was so socially awkward.
-I have too many emotions right now to make a coherent statement about this.
-The only thing I have to say is.
-No to everything, ever.
-Oh NO.
-Kaworu was being nice to Shinji because he knew that then Shinji would be unable to kill him when the time came, right?
-Okay, here’s my decision.
-If Shinji won’t kill Kaworu, which leads to Kaworu wiping out everything, that is okay. I mean, I’ll be sad about Misato, and the innocent people who might get in the way. But honestly, Gendo and his little crew of evil bastards deserve to die. I’d like to see that.
-The problem with that is, I’m pretty sure everything is going according to Gendo’s plan, which means that, as usual, everybody else is going to suffer, and he’ll get away.
-I’m not convinced that the angels are totally evil, and I never have been. Plus, I don’t think this show is going to end in tragedy.
-So, I guess we’ll see.
-What is “Lilim”? Is that “human”?
-AT fields come from souls????
-I now ship Misato and friendly round glasses guy.
-“Human hope is made with sorrow.” No, Kaworu. No.
-Tell me the giant AT field came from Shinji.
-Heaven’s door is opening.
-They say that like it’s a bad thing.
-Adam isn’t Adam, he’s Lilith, and now Kaworu understands Lilim.
-*activate panic mode* WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON
-It’s funny, because Kaworu doesn’t sound malicious.
-What is this hymn? Anyone know?
-Animation budget ran out again.
-Shinji did it?????????????????????????????????????????
-What the fuck was the point of that.
-Seriously, that was the shittiest pacing I have ever seen in my entire life.
-Kaworu was introduced and murdered in the span of one episode.
-Okay, I had a lot of feelings during that episode, but now I just feel cheated.

As i said, with NGE, it’s not like it seems.

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